On Tue, 8 Jul 2008, Kris Kennaway wrote:

You may be running out of memory. Increase kmem_size until it goes away. I use 1500M on my systems, which are stable. Yes, ZFS is a memory hog.

Boy, ZFS sure does sound like it's earned the title of memory hog. Oddly I'd been running for about a week without problems, and shuffled some large files around during that week, and right before I got your e-mail I had another hang. I tried increasing the kmem_size setting and was rewarded with a panic on reboot. I already had it set at 512M. A little Googling tells me I'm going to have to compile a custom kernel to increase it beyond that. Oh well, it's about time I learned how to do that anyway. I've compiled many a custom Linux kernel. I started using Linux in the 1.xx kernel days before there were loadable kernel modules so almost everything involved a kernel recompile. I've read over the FreeBSD kernel compile docs quite a while back but will need to go over them again. Anyway, thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try after a little research and a little, or a lot of, compiling.

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