> I'm afraid not, I looked into it a little but management ended up
> deciding we would be using zxtm load balancers
> (http://www.zeus.com/products/zxtm/) which were better suited for us
> overall.


With a little TrafficScript, you can do exactly this with ZXTM, so perhaps
management made a good choice =).  

Here's a simple TrafficScript rule I've used to connect POP3 connections to
two different groups of POP3 servers based on username:

$req = request.getLine();

if( string.regexmatch( $req, "USER ([^\\s]*)") ) {
   $user = $1;

   if( $user == "owen" ) {
      pool.use( "local pop servers" );

   if( $user == "owen.garrett" ) {
      pool.use( "gmail pop servers" );

   # Otherwise, drop the connection

The 'gmail pop servers' pool is configured to use SSL to connect to gmail's
servers on port 995, so you can use this technique to bridge between plain
pop3 (port 110) on the client and SSL-wrapped connections on the server too.

Talk to Zeus' support team - they will be more than able and willing to help
you configure ZXTM with a bit of TrafficScript to do what you need...


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