On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 9:44 PM, Fraser Tweedale <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Having read the man page (also, ntp.conf(5)), it is not apparent that
> there is a way to tell it to bind only to a particular interface (or
> particular interfaces).  It would be nice if there is actually such a
> feature, so I figured I'd ask.

At the moment, no.  Your question could qualify as a FAQ, so it might
help in the future to check recent posts or the archives first.

> Definitely not a major problem is this isn't possible right now, but
> I figure if it's only going to be receiving NTP requests on one
> interface, it may as well not listen on the others.

The alternative is openntpd (available in ports).

Fairly straightforward to set up and use.  The caveats are
the provided rc script could use some work (see my recent
post with the subject of "rc scripts"), there's no logging (ibid),
using it may result in  occasional "calcru errors" (see my
recent post on that subject), and reading the overbrief
manpage requires remembering to run "man -M /usr/local ntpd".

I did say straightforward, right?   ;-)
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