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Hi Mel and all,

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2008/7/10 Mel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Problem is you can't get much information :/ Is there any way to disable the
> USB hubs, or legacy USB support if that's in there, then get a verbose boot?

Now...I think I've got a quick-and-dirty solution, plug out all USB
devices including mouse, keyboard, etc.(continued below)

> I'm also mildly confident, that the 6.3 cd will boot. I've had experiences
> with 2 machines now (one new Dell 64-bit, one old gateway 32-bit),
> that will not boot FreeBSD 7 cd, but will boot 6.x. I think it's acpi 
> regressions.

And reboot the computer with FreeBSD 7 CD...finally I could see the
interface of sysinstall.

It's not the final solution. I think many people are experiencing this
problem. But if that's the only way you've never tried, try it.
Hopefully it will work in many situations. :)

>The Dell will hose the disk and spit out multiple NMI's and WRITE_DMA errors 
> upgraded inplace to 7-STABLE. The gateway now successfully runs 7-STABLE,
> though we changed the SATA disk for an UDMA.

OK, thanks for sharing the helpful info with me.

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