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I just joined the list (but did search the archive), so I apologize in
advance if this was already answered and I missed it.

What's the process to update the base bind in freebsd for the new
cacheing poisoning vuln that seems to be all the rage lately?

I'm running freebsd 7.0-RELEASE-p2 and I am using the included base
bind 9.4.2 as resolver for my network.  Will there be an update
through freebsd-update to upgrade to bind 9.4.2-p1, or is there some
other process I need to follow....compile source and replace?.

Base bind is updated by freebsd-update *assuming* you are using the base bind and not the port bind *and* assuming you haven't altered any of the binaries by patching them manually. You can, of course, use the tried and true make buildworld process to update it as well *when* the patches are released.

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