Robert Heron wrote:

I use:

FreeBSD 7.0-R on i386 server with motherboard S5000VSA and 6GB RAM onboard. BIOS version - 88 (the latest)

Kernel includes: options        MAXMEM=(6*1024*1024)

You generally shouldn't touch MAXMEM as it's autotuned.

And FreeBSD reports only:

real memory  = 2680160256 (2556 MB)
avail memory = 2617892864 (2496 MB)

Why? What is wrong that FreeBSD sees only about 2.5GB instead of 6GB?

Having only 2.5 GB is a bit severe (do you have lots of PCI hardware? video cards with lots of memory?), but PAE could be your solution. See here:

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