I am trying to setup a FreeBSD server with samba that uses OpenLdap.  I
have installed everything and was doing some configuring.  I set this all
up once before on a Linux box, but I basically just went through the
motions and really was not sure what all I did...but it worked.  Now I
want to understand everything so that I know exactly what all I did. :)

I have the following:
I installed OpenLdap which put ldap.conf in /usr/local/etc/openldap.
I installed PAM which put ldap.conf.dist in /usr/local/etc.
I installed NSS which put nss_ldap.conf in /usr/local/etc.

>From looking at them I assume that the last two are the same file and one
of them just needs to be renamed to ldap.conf and configured for PAM and
NSS, is that correct?

The ldap.conf in /usr/local/etc/openldap is a different config file even
though it has the same name?  It is used for openldap and the other is
used for PAM and NSS?

Thanks for any info.

openldap/ldap.conf is the OpenLDAP client configuration. You're likely looking for the LDAP server configuration, openldap/slapd.conf

etc/ldap.conf is for PAM, and etc/nss_ldap.conf are not to be merged. I've played ***VERY*** briefly with LDAP authentication through PAM and NSS, and both were required. I can't quote easily what the difference between NSS and PAM is, but all the docs I referenced from Google when I searched said I needed both.
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