Hi Mikhail,

Thank you for the great suggestion. I will try it in our new server.


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Quoting lyd mc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> However, my company wants to have 20meg mbox space per user. If the  
> User exceeds, he/she should not recieved any mail.
> So, I use system quota to prevent sendmail from writing to mbox of a

Let me suggest slightly different approaches:

1.- You could have /usr/ports/mail/mimedefang making the decisions  
instead of sendmail or system quota. There you can set your own rules  
and sendmail will abide them. This gives you far better control and  
you're limited by your own imagination.

2.- Implement a mail server with quota capabilities. For instance  
cyrus-imap. There you can set quota limits, warning messages to users,  
percentages and so on. This is the easiest approach.


Mikhail Goriachev

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