Chris St Denis wrote:
Well, my second suggestion about creating an account and SUing to root should still be correct. Assuming of course that you can get in in single user mode.

Take a look at /etc/ttys there may be something in there restricting it, thats all I can think of.

Veronica Labarca wrote:
Hi Chris,
Thanks for your quick response. No. I mean root login at the console is
dissallowed. Why??? Beats me! I got it that way. Viqui
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 Veronica Labarca wrote:
I have inherited a FreeBSD server and need to change the apache configuration, but cannot log in to the server. I have the root password (and know how to change it if needed in any case). The problem is that root login is disabled. There are various administrative accounts on the server, but I don't have the password to any of those. Can someone advise me as to either, how to get the root login enabled or how to change the password on a different account?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
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I'm assuming you mean root login via SSH is disabled (as is the default).
IIRC, root can always login from the console.

Login as root from the console (or boot into single user mode) and edit

Uncomment "PermitRootLogin" line and change no to yes.

An alternate (and better) solution is to create yourself a user account in
the wheel group and use that to login then SU up to root.

Maybe root logins on TTYv0 is disabled, but enabled on TTYv1-7. Have you tried switching virtual consoles and logging in? From the console, can you login as a regular user and su/sudo up?

Couple of ideas there -- all valid choices.
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