Hi all

I have same name libraries in two different locations, eg. /usr/lib/libXXX.so 
and /usr/local/lib/libXXX.so. They were created using same sources and the same 

The app1 is linked with /usr/lib/libXXX.so and app2 is linked with 

When app2 is run, the dynamic linker (ld-elf.so.1) finds /usr/lib/libXXX.so 
first and ends up with following error:
undefined reference to `_myxxx'

This is not an issue with Linux's dynamic linker but it seems FreeBSD's 
function look up is very specific. I cannot change the dynamic linker's search 
path, then app1 fails.

How do I get the app2 to refer to /usr/local/lib/libXXX.so?

In FreeBSD, is there a way to instruct the dynamic linker (ld-elf.so.1) to 
continue to search for the same library name in different locations?

What are the other possible options?

Appreciate your reply.

Kind regards

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