I am not trying to start a war linux vs freebsd or a long thread on which
distribution is best. Just trying to get a quick answer here.


I am an inconditional to freebsd and I love it. Unfortunately I have an
application that doesn't support freebsd and only run on linux. I tried to
run it for a week under freebsd and it doesn't work.


I have to install a linux machine and don't know which distribution to take.


I tried debian ubuntu and fedora and didn't like them.


I want:

- A basic install (not 900 packages installed by default

- No gui, I like my flashing cursor

- an equivalent of ports. I want to easily compile my ports I don't like
prebuilt package. Want to retrieve them by cvs.

- an equivalent to portupgrade.


I gotta admit mabe the three I tried was able to do that, but I'm so
negative about linux thay maybe I didn't see the good point of it.


Could you tell me which distribution you are using when you have no choice
and need to go to linux ?





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