Le 11/07/2008 à 07:29:35-0400, Ian Lord a écrit
> Hi,
> I tried debian ubuntu and fedora and didn't like them.
> I want:
> - A basic install (not 900 packages installed by default
> - No gui, I like my flashing cursor
> - an equivalent of ports. I want to easily compile my ports I don't like
> prebuilt package. Want to retrieve them by cvs.
> - an equivalent to portupgrade.
> I gotta admit mabe the three I tried was able to do that, but I'm so
> negative about linux thay maybe I didn't see the good point of it.
> Could you tell me which distribution you are using when you have no choice
> and need to go to linux ?

I'm in the same situation : 

My experience :

        Fedora -->If you like the lastest features (including bugs) of software 
it's good distro

        Debian --> Good distro but IMHO the update is to slow and after
        some year on a server you run very out-of-date software

        CentOS --> Good if the software you need is RedHat Compliant only,
        because CentOS is a RedHat without the support. 

About software (packages) :

        Fedora/CentOS : Using yum and rpm. Work well but they are not many
        packages in the official repository. You need to find with rpmfind
        many package.

        Debian : Lots of packages, but as I said it's out-of-date. You can
        run unstable (like 7-Stable) or Testing (like 7-current) but it's
        on your own risk.


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