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Brad Mettee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I've been banging my head for 2 days trying to get php5 compiled with 
> extensions OR a way to find the .so files so it could dynamically
> link them. I've finally stumbled on the php5-* directories in the
> ports tree and it's compiling extensions right now, except that I
> keep having to deinstall an extension then restart the php5-extension
> make again so it can continue.
> Why isn't there a single folder under the lang/php5 directory that
> would put all of the extensions in the same place? Having them broken
> up into all of the varying places in the tree makes it extremely
> difficult to find them. Or maybe at least have sym links to them in
> one place.
> This is just for discussion, I don't expect an actual answer..........

Are you referring to 'php5-extensions-1.1' in the ports tree? Assuming
you have installed php5 via ports, why couldn't you just run:

        portupgrade -NRryv php5-extensions

You will probably want to run 'make config' in that directory before
running portupgrade.

You could also use portmanager:

        portmanager lang/php5-extensions -p -y -l



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