I'm having trouble Identifying a second video card, Asus 8600GT x 2

pciconf -lv shows the first card correctly as an 8600gt ....... on PCI 01:0:0
Second card is shown as a vga card only on PCI 02:0:0

This is not recognised in Xorg.conf ....... no matching card for 
Device Instance PCI 2:0:0, corresponding Screen Section is
then discarded.

System is a Dual Head configuration, each card has it's own

Either card works fine as a single, only the first PCI-e device is
correctly identified / configured.

set hw.pci.enable_io_modes=1 was tried (suggested by the guys in 
#nvidia), lost PCI completely, had to remove it again.

int10 module is loaded by Xorg.conf ...... no effect there either.

Relevant bits of various log files can be made available, ask and i'll
PasteBin .........

Just want to know if what I have here is possible.

Video cards are not in SLI mode ........ system as follows:

P4 3.0 gig
2 gig ram
On Board sound
P5ND2-SLI mb (nforce)
FreeBSD on a 200 gig hd
Dual Boots with XP which lives on a couple of 320 gig hd's
All Sata's


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