Aggelidis Nikos wrote:
Hi to all the list, i 've been using FreeBSD for almost a month ,and i
have this weird problem. Sometimes when i try to compile a program the
computer will hard-reset itself, like someone pulled of the plug...
For example yesterday i was trying to install jdk1.6 + eclipse, and
while i was compiling eclipse {more precisely -if i remember
correctly-  the "diablo-jdk" needed for eclipse} the computer rebooted

The load of the computer was: 2-3xterms, 1 Konversation irc client
,several opera9.51 windows, 1-2 konqueror windows, and 1-2 Firefox
widows. I have a dual core box with 2GB of memory and i use freebsd7
32bit. The computer was online for 8hours with almost the same load
{minus the compilation-procedure}.

* Has anyone had problems like this?
* What can i do to investigate a bit more what was the situation
before the restart?
* Is there anyway to solve this problem.

thanks for your help,

PS: i could blame the power company but the above problem has happened
before{several times} when i tried to compile "big" programs like
firefox or do a pkgdb -Fu, so i don't think it is this.

Hi Nikos,

This sounds like a hardware problem to me. It is not easy to find out the exact cause, except perhaps by swapping components:

- Could be bad RAM, but I doubt it is you would probably get at least a kernel panic and not a hard reboot - Could be that your power supply can not handle the increased current required by the CPU / disk when compiling, voltages fall out of spec, and the motherboard resets itself. I've seen this happening quite a few times - systems exhibit a variety of weird symptoms like this, commonly failing when running CPU intensive apps.
- Your CPU / system may get overheated and hits a thermal cutoff.
- You could have some other faulty component, or some of your BIOS settings are too 'high'

Things to try:
- Take the cover off and see whether there is heat build up when compiling and also whether the fans work adequately.
- Swap out the power supply
- Change some BIOS settings, or maybe underclock the CPU a bit so it requires less power and see if it works then.

Most of the people here are used to run long compilation / portupgrade cycles (sometimes in excess of 24 hours) and when a system fails unexpectedly like this it is normal to suspect hardware problems.


P.S. I removed the -hackers list from the reply - this question is better suited for -questions only.
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