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> Hi to all the list, i 've been using FreeBSD for almost a month ,and i
> have this weird problem. Sometimes when i try to compile a program the
> computer will hard-reset itself, like someone pulled of the plug...
> For example yesterday i was trying to install jdk1.6 + eclipse, and
> while i was compiling eclipse {more precisely -if i remember
> correctly-  the "diablo-jdk" needed for eclipse} the computer rebooted
> itself.
> The load of the computer was: 2-3xterms, 1 Konversation irc client
> ,several opera9.51 windows, 1-2 konqueror windows, and 1-2 Firefox
> widows. I have a dual core box with 2GB of memory and i use freebsd7
> 32bit. The computer was online for 8hours with almost the same load
> {minus the compilation-procedure}.
> * Has anyone had problems like this?

Yes. It's always turned out to be flaky hardware for me.

> * What can i do to investigate a bit more what was the situation
> before the restart?

Look through /var/log/messages.

> * Is there anyway to solve this problem.

Well, you really can't "solve" it, so much as troubleshoot it. Make up
a list of possible causes, and then start checking each possible
cause. You haven't given any real information about the system or the
problem, so we can't eliminate anything. My top suspects would be the
PSU (old or inadequate) and CPU (overheating or overclocked). Memory
and the I/O subsystem would be next, but they tend to cause
random process failure rather than system shutdowns when they go
flaky, so I'd try them last.

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