On 2008.07.14 14:08:03, Jonathan Chen wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 06:24:50PM -0600, Keith Seyffarth wrote:
> > 
> > Has anyone else had problems with Firefox 3 installed from the ports
> > being massively slow?
> > 
> > Unlike on Windows, where the load time for the application is much
> > slower (takes roughly twice as long as FF2 did), but once the
> > application is loaded, it seems to be about the same, on my BSD box,
> > the application loads in a little under half the time, but each page
> > load takes much, much longer (8 minutes for the google firefox start
> > page, 16 minutes for the welcome to Firefox 3 page, 10 minutes for the
> > mozillazine home page, 6 minutes for each mozallazine forum page). On
> > top of this, once the page is loaded, it take 90-120 seconds before
> > you can interact with a page, and even then, interaction is slow - 5
> > seconds between clicking in the scroll bar and the window moving, 15
> > seconds between clicking a link and the browser acknowledging the
> > click...

I know it's not pleasant, but make sure all of your ports are updated
(if they aren't already). There were some significant changes that had
to happen to get FF3 running; namely, poppler and everything that
depends on it.

> I did experience this, and I had to tweak the following settings in
> about:config before the experience became usable:
>     network.http.pipelining: true
>     network.http.pipelining.maxrequests: 10
>     network.http.pipelining.ssl: true
> The image loading and display code seems to have changed significantly,
> and some unintended behaviour seems to have been introduced. (I also
> get ugly black boxes images if there is an resized image in the loaded
> page.)

I also get the annoying black boxes. I haven't tested it thoroughly
yet, but it seems to happen most often with resized png images. That
could just be a result of the pages I visit though; they seem to use
pngs quite extensively.

As for performance problems, I have noticed that FF3 is slower than
FF2 at loading pages with many images, and I've had a lot of trouble
with Flash (as usual). But the problems are not so significant that
I've been forced to uninstall it.

I wonder if your settings will help ...

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