>> > I have new server(webserver) quad core but performans is not well
>> > (according
>> > our old webserver pent IV ). Maybe its performans depends on our web
>> > page
>> > sourcecode. FreeBSD 6.3 stable is running on it. dmesg is in below.

I'm sorry, I completely missed that you were running 6.3 and not a 7.x
release. You are running the GENERIC kernel then, and while the
processors are visible, it's only using one since you are not running
with SMP support.

You can build the SMP kernel (basically, GENERIC + options needed for
SMP) by doing the following:

cd /usr/src
make kernel KERNCONF=SMP

Then reboot, and it should pick up the newly installed kernel with SMP
support. Note that this backs up your old kernel to /boot/kernel.old,
so if the new one fails to boot, at the beastie menu, you can boot
with the old kernel if necessary.

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