Which type of connection do you intend to use for the shared storage
JBOD? SAN or direct attached SCSI? Don't forget to change the SCSI

On each server, there would be a SATA JBOD attached internally with a 3Ware or Areca card.

Which means your two node cluster won't be active/active. You'll have
an active node and a failover node. That may be alright or it may not.

Right, there would be a primary server,which contains the mounted drives and the failover, where only the ggated and gmirror see the drives (until a primary failure occurs and presumably something like heartbeat would then mount these drives and take over as the new primary).

Now if we come back to the problem at hand, mainly using zfs under
gmirror. I've never heard of anyone using this. It does sound a bit
strange to me since both zfs and gmirror will do mirroring. I would

gmirror would be doing mirroring, but ZFS would be doing RAIDZ2. So altogether it's RAIDZ2 + RAID 1. Under Linux, such an arrangement is fairly easy to do with an ordinary filesystem and the local RAID would be handled at another layer, either in hardware or in software with md. DRBD would do the mirroring.

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