Patrick C wrote:
The 6i will work on FreeBSD, however realize that a much better choice
for a production machine is a card which "really" supports FreeBSD...
just due to the availability and reliability of the tools required for
maintaining the system while running.

Have you considered SuperMicro machines with 3ware (AMCC) cards? I'm
not affiliated either, but it seems to be a great combo. AMCC still
supports FreeBSD pretty well, and the cards perform well.
I'm using the Perc 6I in production on 2950s with RAID1+0 with SAS drives.

Also, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is using the same card with ZFS of FreeBSD with SATA drives for

I won't comment on what card is better or worse, or faster, b/c I don't know.

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