Hello everybody


I've been using FreeBSD servers to power my DMZ security zones for
years; the security zones generally includes things like PF firewalls,
SMTP servers, DNS and NAT gateways etc. From a security standpoint BSD
is the BEST!


Anyway, onto my question: 




Unfortunately one of my offices is located in a real nasty location as
far as internet connectivity is concerned, up until now I've been using
a standard ADSL connection but an upload of 512Kbs is now a huge problem
for my remote users. With this in mind (and budgetary issues) I have no
option but to go for an E1 carrier (2048Kbit)


Well, this fixes my real _slow_ upload but reduces my download by about
5Mbit. Initially I was planning on having the lease line purely for my
servers and remote users and having all desktop users browse the net
using an ADSL connection but this would give me two independent
connections to manage.




Would it be possible to employ some FreeBSD wizardry to affectively bond
the lease line with the ADSL connection?  I know this can be done
through Cisco routers but again budgetary issues are the limiting


Any help will be gratefully received. 








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