I would like to know what might be happening with a particular network
configuration.  Wireless router using wpa, wired router provides dhcp
and connects to DSL modem.  The wireless card involved is a mini-pci
intel 2100 using the if_ipw driver.  I could not get this card working
at all with 6.3, though it seems to work with 7.

From time to time, the ability to resolve the address of the wired
router disappears along with DNS resolution. If I  'wpa_cli reassociate'
it comes back.  The most confusing issue is that the connection to the wireless 
is never lost.  I can always ping the wireless router and access the
control panel with a web browser.  

A computer connected directly to the wired router had issues with the
ethernet using FreeBSD and Linux, but not Solaris.  An apple computer
using Gentoo/OSX had no issues with either wired or wireless.

I cannot replicate the issue, it simply recurs through use.  OSX had no problem
with either wpa or wired connection.  Solaris only had issues with
unsupported hardware.  Linux on the x86 box had problems with wired
connections, but none on the powermac.

I suspect the 3c905b card in the x86 card may be a problem, though
there have been no issues since Solaris had been installed.

Any ideas on the problem are welcome.
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