Unfortunately one of my offices is located in a real nasty location as
far as internet connectivity is concerned, up until now I've been using
a standard ADSL connection but an upload of 512Kbs is now a huge problem
for my remote users. With this in mind (and budgetary issues) I have no
option but to go for an E1 carrier (2048Kbit)

BTW E1 is 2000Kbit/s (=2048000bits/second)

Well, this fixes my real _slow_ upload but reduces my download by about
5Mbit. Initially I was planning on having the lease line purely for my

how do you download 5Mbit/s through 2Mbit/s E1?

Would it be possible to employ some FreeBSD wizardry to affectively bond
the lease line with the ADSL connection?  I know this can be done

you can't "bond" two different links with 2 different IP addresses.
you can do bonding only if your provider can do (like to do) the same.

but you can simply make somehow smart firewall rules with "forward" command. it's how it's called in ipfw (fwd IP number), no idea about pf.

for example - make proxy server with squid, set tcp_outgoing_address to your ADSL's IP, and make firewall rules to forward all going from ADSL's IP through ADSL modem, while having default route through E1, and all other services on E1.

that's exactly what i do for 300 people LAN - use expensive symmetric connections for everything except WWW browsing - which goes through ADSL
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