Sorry for the crosspost but I believe this is partly a FreeBSD issue since it seems to work for Linux users.

After a little digging I have found the place where the bin/faxrcvd script fails.

The bin/faxrcvd works completely well from the command line, only fails when called from the hylafax server (excerpt from log below):

RECV FAX: bin/faxrcvd "recvq/fax00035.tif" "cuaa1" "00000067" "" "" ""
here the script fails at line 202:

$PS2PDF -g$GW\x$GL -r$RW\x$RL $ $FILE.pdf 2>/dev/null

The "$" is created but not converted to "$FILE.pdf".

This works from the command line issued as:
%ps2pdf -g<size> -r<resolution> recvq/ recvq/fax00035.tif.pdf

Everything in spool area is owned by uucp/dialer
hfaxd, faxgetty and faxq are running as uucp

A "etc/FaxDispatch" file exists with the content:


Why is the ps2pdf part not working when bin/faxrcvd is issued from the hylafax server?
Is there a way I could catch the output sent to bin/faxrcvd?
Why does this work for most Linux users but not FreeBSD 4.7?

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