I'm guessing you're having problems with environment settings, although
the vagaries of the question don't give me much to go on (something
along the lines of, "when I try to do x in cron, I get the error y;
but it works fine when the user runs it outside of cron" would be more

Well, this got me thinking and I had to do some playing around to figure out what was wrong...

The difference was that I was testing the command by su-ing into the user, rather than logging in as that user. What I didn't know was su does not change your environment, only permissions (as far as I can tell)

So I was testing with my environment, but crontab was running under the other user's environment.

I always thought that su user and login user were equivalent. Now I know better :-)

Anyway, thanks for putting me on the right path.

-- John

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