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> Hello,
> I am just wondering if for the software like Apache the log size matters 
> at all. I rotate httpd logs monthly and each domain has its own log. One 
> is over 145 MB in size. Just curious if I can keep it like that or 
> should rotate more often? I have enough space on HD so the log's size is 
> of no concern for me. I guess I am just asking for best practices 
> advice... Thanks!

There are potential performance issues.  I believe that appending to a
file becomes more expensive when a file gets very large (which is
obviously the scenario with log files)

Also, at rotation time, if you're compressing those logs it can be
a pretty big load to compress 145M.  If you're not compressing and
not moving the files to another partition when you rotate them, then
this part probably isn't an issue.

Bill Moran
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