John, it is not a permissions issue, but rather a path issue.
Do as the other poster suggested and run a cron job to dump the
environment and you will see that the PATH inside a cron job is very
rudimentary.  Either add what you need to it in the crontab or cron
job, or always use absolute paths for everything in a cron entry.

alternatively, set up an AT job as the user, then find the script
generated by at and grab a copy (/var/spool/cron ???).  You can use
that copy as the basis for all cron scripts for that user, and always
have the 'user' environment set up correctly.

Yes, I finally figured this out. I had the problem completely backwards... I assumed that when I ran 'su user', I was logged in as the user. Since the command worked when I was 'logged in' and didn't work for crontab, I figured crontab must be different. It never occured to me that *I* was running in a different environment :-)

If I had realized, a quick read of the su man page would have solved my problem. As it was, I had been shown su long ago by another admin, and just assumed I knew how it worked. Wrong!

Well, that's the joys of being of newbie administrator... So little time, so many man pages to read!

Thanks: John

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