Dear List,

I want to switch my routers from openbsd to freebsd and use the port of isakmpd for my vpn tunnels. But when I want to use my config from openbsd, isakmpd doesn't seem to
configure aes in phase I proposal.

The corresponding configentry is:

DOI=                    IPSEC
Transforms=             AES-SHA-GRP5-RSA_SIG

starting isakmpd shows up:

ike_phase_1_initiator_send_SA: section [AES-SHA-GRP5-RSA_SIG] has unsupported attribute(s)

When I use 3des insteed, isakmpd starts without errors. But I MUST use aes in phase I because all remote peers use it, I cannot change them all. Has anybody an idea, why
isakmpd won't use aes in phase I but in phase II?
Thank you and best Regards


alles bleibt anders...

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