Paul Procacci wrote:
Hey all,

I've been using FreeBSD for many many years, but never have a tried to get a headset working under FreeBSD. So, here's the deal. I have an Altec Lansing Headset w/ mic hooked up to a FBSD 7 machine. Generally, when connecting a sound device to the system, I just normally 'kldload snd_ich' and it will find the device and work out of the box. Well, the onboard speakers work just fine. However, after attempting to plug in this headset, I am unable to a) hear from the headpeice, or b) speak into the mic.

It's not a usb or bluetooth headset, just your run of the mill headset to two plugs; one for mic and one for sound. I've read the chapter on sound on the FreeBSD site, but that itself didn't provide any details about forcing the device to accept input from or output to the headphones and mic.

The above claims that sound works, and it does out the onboard speakers. I don't think a headset was tested. Additionally, I figured man mixer would give details but I'm not terribly certain what I'm looking for is there.

Can someone be kind enough to provide a link or otherwise in the right direction?

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I was able to get sound coming into my headset. Mixer had the answer. Now the only thing left is enabling the mic. Anyone?

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