Hi All.

I have here a FreeBSD 4.7 box with Courier-1.7 IMAP and POP3 services
working fine. I'm using both Unix accounts and virtual accounts.

I'm now working on a new box with FreeBSD 5.0. I recompiled courier with
the same options and copied over the same configuration files. The only
difference is that I had to put the PAM changes in /etc/pam.d/(pam3|imap)
instead of /etc/pam.conf, but the 2 boxes should be identical.
I also rigenerated the userdb database on the new box.

Well, for some reason, I can successfully authenticate via POP3 on Unix
accounts, but NOT virtual accounts. Haven't tried IMAP but I expect the
same results.
The authtest tool confirms it's an authentication problem.

Anyone hit into the same problem?


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