Jack L. Stone wrote:
Pardon me if this is OT, but it is probably an easy question for many on
this list.

The problem:
Host on my Internal network sends out formmail replies as FROM

How can I make it show the replies as being from the sender -- my web forms
provide for picking up the "From" field.

If I test this on my gateway/router machine, it inserts the right FROM info
as "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" instead of the "www".

Is there some setting in Sendmail that will make that machine (aliased on
the LAN) over-ride the "www" and use the proper "From" field of the

Appreiate any help on this as I need the proper "From" so that the
auto-responder can send out automatic replies to the customer.
If you only want to change it for the auto-responder, you can use the -f
option to sendmail.
If you want to change it for your whole server, you can use the config
file changes that someone else suggested.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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