OutBackDingo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > How many Zimbabwe dollars, I wonder?  This seems to give the finest 
> > measurement for approximations to zero...
> I think this is a bit uncalled for, it might have been in a candid
> manner, but there are alot of locations in the world using FreeBSD
> quite effectively where most people live on less then a dollar a day
> Id also like to note your so called US dollar isnt fairing so well.
> Pretty soon might it also be worth 0.00. I do think we should try not to
> insult the ecomonics of other countries 

Your reply is full of fallacies, false assumptions and one or two non 
sequiturs.  But anyway, this is thread is veering way off topic, so let's 
close it.  Thanks.

Sahil Tandon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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