Achilleas Mantzios wrote:
Hi, i have had various crashes and segfaults in the last hot days (room temp 
about 30 deg C).
I tried to monitor CPU temp with mbmon, which shows a very big value in COU 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~# mbmon -c 1

Temp.= 42.0, 201.0, 39.0; Rot.= 3245,    0,    0
Vcore = 1.50, 1.81; Volt. = 3.30, 5.08, 11.31, -11.74, -1.66

Also, healthdc shows:
localhost       186.0    0.0     0.0    5314    17307   0000    1.49    2.49    
1.62    5.42   0.00     -10.84  0.00
and lmmon -i shows:
 Motherboard Temp               Voltages

 186C / 366F / 459K        Vcore1:   +1.469V
                           Vcore2:   +1.766V
    Fan Speeds             + 3.3V:   +3.219V
                           + 5.0V:   +4.932V
    1: 10629rpm            +12.0V:  +11.750V
    2: 33750rpm            -12.0V:  -13.188V
    3: 16071rpm            - 5.0V:   -1.800V

So i dont have any idea how to assess the real CPU temperature.
I am thinking of tuning down the BIOS to fail-safe settings, just as an extra 
Apart from that, i have no clue how to solve the random crashes/segfaults 
I also opened the case in order to get ventilated with fresh air from the room.
Any hints would be welcome.
Please include me in the reply, i am not subscribed to -questions.
I use
sysctl -a |grep tepmerature
to get the temperature, tough to say the truth, I am not sure about their exactly meaning...

Best wishes,
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