I was having some troubles with the samba install telling me that openldap
2.3.42 and 2.4.10 would conflict.  I had installed openldap 2.4.10 server
and I guess that was the problem.  It seemed to start up just fine, but
since I could not get samba to install and it kept giving me the error
that the clients would conflict, I decided just to uninstall 2.4.10 and
install the 2.3.42.

Now when I try to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/slapd start, it just seems to sit
there and then goes back to the prompt.

I checked the port with sockstat -4 -p 389 and it is not running.  I don't
see anything in the /var/log/messages about it so I am not sure what is
going on.

Check /var/log/debug.log


Mikhail Goriachev
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