> # mount -t ext2fs /dev/ad0s8 /mnt/
> # ls /mnt
> ls: /mnt: Bad file descriptor


I can mount ext2fs on 7.0 (and previously on 6.0 and 6.2) and
things mostly work.  In the past I had ext2fs on both primary
and extended slices (or whatever the preferred terminology is).
This is on AMD64 with SATA drives.  My ext2fs filesystems were
created by Linux (32 bit Linux, since penguins can't count to 64).

Are you sure that ad0s8 contains a valid ext2fs filesystem?
Can Linux mount it and access it?
Maybe try running fsck?
What OS created (newfs/mkfs) the filesystem?

Problems I have seen with ext2fs:

        There was some case where accessing a large ( > 1 GB) file
        (rm-ing it I think?) hung or paniced FreeBSD.  Small files
        are fine.

        Sometimes on boot FreeBSD would get confused and think the
        fext2fs needed to be fscked dispite a clean shutdown, but
        wasn't able to do so automagically, so it dropped into single
        user mode and sat there waiting for manual intervention.  I
        no longer have ext2fs automatically mounted.  There is
        probably some configuration fix for this.

        ext2fs is unreliable and LOSES DATA under it's native Linux.


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