Achilleas Mantzios wrote:
As you already noticed, mbmon is no good in recent hardware. It works successfully in my 865-based systems though. As others have said, I would recommend adding a rear out-take fan. Do not rely on the PSU's fan to take all the warm air out. The PSU generates heat on its own, and the fan may not be sufficient. A rear out-take fan should be located rather high - at CPU height - since warm air always goes up. This is where most cases have a place for the fan anyway.
It is indeed as you say. The fans on my case are:
the PSU fan, one takeout fan just below the PSU and the CPU fan.
It is a medium tower size case. The thing is on the bottom PCI slot
i have installed a Kodicom 4400 for video capture for use with zoneminder,
(the FreeBSD port is available from the zoneminder site)
and right above that a LML video capture card.
and then while capturing 5 full frame-rate (25fps) cameras in zoneminder
a) the load never falls below 0.4 even while no users use it (it is our family 
workstation as well:)
b) all the heat from the kodicom flows higher to the CPU/memory area of the case

Having said that, the issue with the temperature must not be my thing :(
after kldload coretemp, i get
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]% sysctl -a | grep tempera
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature: 40,0C
dev.cpu.0.temperature: -1
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]% The first always is stuck to 40 and dev.cpu.0.temperature to -1.

This -1 probably means your CPU is not supported. The man page says "Intel Core or newer" CPUs, and as I understand this is specific to Intel and will not work on AMD. It works fine on my core2duo laptop. I don't know if it works with the earlier Intel CoreDuo (not core2duo)

Assuming the heat is what is actually causing you the problems, your options are rather limited: Move to a bigger case with options for better ventilation (maybe 12cm fans in front / rear) or use fans with higher CFM ratings (that will also make it more noisy, one more factor to consider). I currently have a machine with a 25cm side fan. Completely noiseless, and always runs cool.
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