Achilleas Mantzios wrote:
Στις Tuesday 22 July 2008 14:27:28 ο/η Manolis Kiagias έγραψε:
Achilleas Mantzios wrote:
While experimenting, i noticed the 1st and 3rd temperatures from mbmon to be 
updated in a fashion that seems
natural. [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]% mbmon
Temp.= 41.0, 201.0, 42.0; Rot.= 3443,    0,    0
Vcore = 1.50, 1.81; Volt. = 3.30, 5.08, 11.43, -11.74, -1.69
What chipset is the mobo based on? mbmon runs fine on my 865G and a 3Ghz P4 CPU. You are probably correct, the middle temp may represent a sensor that is not recognized, but the other readings seem normal.

i'll let you know next time i open the case. Is there any reading from dmesg or 
sysctl that can reveal
that info?

Sure. There are various places to get this info. Sometimes the BIOS startup messages contain a hint on the chipset (like 865, 915 and so on).
My dmesg also shows:

agp0: <Intel 82865 host to AGP bridge> on hostb0

And you can also use pciconf -v -l

    vendor     = 'Intel Corporation'
    device     = '82865G/PE/P, 82848P DRAM Controller / Host-Hub Interface'
    class      = bridge
    subclass   = HOST-PCI

Considering that you are running an older P4, probably socket 478, chances are you are using an 845 or 848 or 865 chipset.

Then by all evidence, % dmesg | grep -i agp
agp0: <SiS 651 host to AGP bridge> on hostb0

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:0:0:0:      class=0x060000 card=0x1801147b chip=0x06511039 
rev=0x02 hdr=0x00
    vendor     = 'Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS)'
    device     = 'SiS651 Host-to-PCI Bridge'
    class      = bridge
    subclass   = HOST-PCI

it must be the SiS 651 chipset

SIS chipsets are not exactly my favorites, but they seem to be working with FreeBSD, so I won't complain. I got one at school loaded with 7.0 and have no problems. Arguably it is not as stressed as yours.

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