On Tuesday 22 July 2008 15:23:15 Erik Trulsson wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 11:09:17AM -0400, FreeBSD Questions wrote:
> > This book was printed in August 2004.  This predates FBSD 5, and I
> > know there were some significant changes between the 4.x and 5.x
> > branches.  We've progressed further and are now into version 7.  How
> > well does this book apply to more current versions of FreeBSD, such as
> > version 7?
> The 2004 edition of that book does cover FreeBSD 5.2  (says so clearly on
> the cover anyway.) This means that all the major changes between 4.x and
> 5.x should be included in it.
> There have been many changes in FreeBSD since then, of course, but most of
> those changes have been fairly evolutionary in nature, so most of the book
> should still apply reasonably well.

Actually .. I'd be more than willing to buy an updated version of that book 
too .. I _do_ undertand your point of view but to be honest, I'd rather buy a 
new copy that prints everything up to _yesterday_ and that has at least some 
hints into tomorrow ...

Yet your point is completly valid one.. and that's why "The Design and 
Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System" is the only book that I've 
been hesitant on buying so far ... Lucas (Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd Edition), 
Lavigne (The Best of FreeBSD Basics), Kong (BSD rootkits),  Lehey (Download 
edition:) ) are all over my desktop as I write this mail, and I consult them 
daily ... Farrokhi (Network Administration with FreeBSD) and Hong (Building a 
Server with FreeBSD 7) are the ones coming in the next batch ...

So far .. there are only three books I would have bought but I didn't because 
I thought the situation could improve ... those are: "The Design and 
Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System", "BSD Hacks" and "The FreeBSD 
HandBook"... same reason for all of them .. too old by now (although I think 
I'll buy "BSD Hacks" anyways .. I just can't resist buying Lavigne books :( )

(let alone the fact that I would rather buy them all through freebsdmall.com 
that from amazon .. I think freebsdmall would do good if they would offer the 
whole Reed's Media library and the No Starch Press BSD related titles ... i 
would surely buy everything from them =P)

Finally; Editor, Publisher, _Dear_Writer_: if you guys are hesitant .. I think 
there's at least two copies of an updated version of "The Design and 
Implementation .. " already sold with a lot more on the way :)

Gonzalo Nemmi
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