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Some people enjoy doing that. Most people just want the software to work, be easy to maintain and upgrade and then stay out of their way.
Ahem, and that 'just works' crowd is generally not found using FreeBSD or in an admin capacity. :-)

Huh???    That is what you get with FreeBSD.   It works and
requires a lot less handholding as a server.  As a web server, FreeBSD
requires almost no admin tinkering.    You set it up, configure Apache
and then it just works.


Confirmed, I am getting my first taste of Centos this month. We needed to use Centos to meet a client requirement. I could have the server up in a few hours with FBSD.

At the moment I am waiting for the Linux admin to finish building custom RPMs for everything I install because we need software either not in the YUM repository, or not configured the same as the RPM maintainer configured.

When I say "I'll just build from source" the blood runs out of his face and he says "That is not a good idea, everything needs to be an RPM, it would be bad, we can't do that".

What a pain.


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