> Or you could mount /usr/local from a single NFS server on all others,
> keeping them automatically in sync but that might strain the NFS server
> and make it a single point of failure which is undesirable. Maybe it
> would be better to use the Coda filesystem in this case.=20
        In theory this sounded great when I first did it, but now, not
so great. 

        1) I have to keep all the machines on the same OS release.
        2) Taking down or a failure of the NFS server pulls EVERY
other system with it.
        3) Working with lockd/statd can be problematic at times.
        4) NFS on FreeBSD varies (I'M TOLD) between versions as to
effectiveness, issues, etc.
        5) I've run into issues where some programs are just NOT
happy running over NFS (hylafax for me for example. POTENTIALLY a locking
issue, but running a locking tester shows everything fine, but it
just for the life of it won't work over NFS for me atleast).

        Since this is a "personal" system, I put up with it. When
I get the time/energy I'm going to break all the systems apart.

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