On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 03:04:15PM -0700, Dave Abouav wrote:
> Chuck Swiger wrote:
> > On Jul 23, 2008, at 2:25 PM, Dave Abouav wrote:
> >> I setup a FreeBSD server (v 6.1) for my company as a simple Samba 
> >> server. It works fine. Except once in awhile our access to the 
> >> outside internet goes out (due to our ISP), and when it does the 
> >> FreeBSD server gets hung up, even after rebooted.

What does hung up mean in the case that it's not rebooted? 

> >> This happened this 
> >> morning, so I put a console on it, and rebooted it. I saw that it 
> >> gets hung trying to start sshd. No error messages are given. If I hit 
> >> Control-C, to skip loading sshd, then the rest of the boot-up goes 
> >> normally and people can again access the server. Any ideas how I can 
> >> avoid this problem? I'd rather not skip the loading of sshd. I don't 
> >> have any special programs on the server that contact the outside world.
> >
> > It's probably doing something which needs a DNS lookup.  Do you have a 
> > subnet-local nameserver available, or does simply waiting for 2 
> > minutes or so for a timeout do the trick?
> >
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> Our DNS goes through our ISP. The IP addresses of their DNS servers are 
> hard-coded into the server's /etc/rc.conf file.  No amount of waiting 
> seems to help. It always just hangs trying to load sshd.

First, try starting sshd in test mode (-t) to see if your config and
keys are OK. 

Then, with the outside connection down, try starting sshd with the -d
and -e options (and other options that you might have specified in
/etc/rc.conf) to see where it goes wrong.

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