Torgeir Hoffmann wrote:
Hi again!

when I try to install linux-sun-jdk16 from ports I get:

===>  linux-sun-jdk- has known vulnerabilities:
=> jdk -- jar directory traversal vulnerability.
=> Please update your ports tree and try again.
*** Error code 1

This refers to a vulnerability from 2005 (!). I get the same thing with
the 1.5 port.
I desperately want to avoid building the native version due to the fact
that I have a not that sporty laptop, and the packages from the freebsd
foundation is not available yet.

I have the latest portsnap port snapshot.
Update your portaudit database.

I did that.

portaudit -Fda

Still, same thing. Thought this was very strange as well.

Anything else that I should have done? (It's probably right in front of me!)

Talk to the port maintainer if you think the vulnerability no longer exists, or build with DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES if you choose to override the warning.


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