That says you are driving spamd into swapping. The two canonical
reasons for SpamAssassin to be really slow are dead BL sites or
overrunning memory and going into heavy swapping. You made a
change to reduce the amount of swapping. Hence you probably have
too many children at any one time.

Modify your minimum and maximum number of children. For best results
you MAY want only one child per processor you can spare from other
work. Regardless, use "top" to see when you go into swapping with the
spamd load. When you do, back off the number of children running at
any given time.

Check rule sets you are using with RDJ. Some of them require incredible
amounts of memory to run. I run enough rules to pull down about 60
megabytes of memory. There are some rule sets that can go over 100
megabytes on the SARE site (SpamAssassin Rules Emporium). 40 children
at 100 megabytes each could use a "lot of machine". {^_-}

You might consider investigating the spamassassin users list at You can find it via the SpamAssassin home page,

{^_^}   Joanne
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Hi James,

I remove spamc on .procmailrc and I can see lots of improvements!



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What causes spamassassin to slow?

Here is my config:

snippet from
.. <cut> ..

I have .procmailrc in every home directory of my mail users and it goes

So if I'm understanding you correctly.. your calling spamc from a sendmail
milter *and* .procmailrc. That's pretty redundant and would definately slow
you down. Choose one based on your needs.

I also have RulesDuJour installed and spammassassin --lint does complain

Extra rules can slow you down regardless of syntax, but most computers
created this decade can handle RulesDuJour fine. Personally I think your
main problem is that your effectively spam checking every message twice. The
spamassassin queues most likely get filled followed by sendmail having to
wait and queue up the slack.

James Tanis
Technical Coordinator
Monsignor Donovan Catholic High School

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