My question is very simple.

Does FreeBSD, either 4.7/4.8 or 5.0 support SecureRPC, especially SecureNFS?
I found the keyserv facility, installed the databases and read some note
in mknetid(8):

-n netid_file
     Specify the location of the netid information file.  The com-
     piled-in default is /etc/netid.  Note that no error is generated
     if the netid database can't be found.  The netid database is not
     likely to be present on most systems until Secure RPC support is
     added to FreeBSD.

For me that sounds like FreeBSD does not have SecureRPC support and therefore
no SecureNFS support.

My intention is that I wish to setup a secure NFS environment with FreeBSD's
basics and had neither success with SecureRPC nor KERBEROS V. In that part
FreeBSD lacks in appropriate documentation, but may netsources told that
securing via SecureRPC and/or kerberos should be possible.

Can someone give me a hint or confirm the lack of SecureRPC in recent FreeBSD

Thanks in advance,

O. Hartmann

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