Michael Powell wrote:
Dimitar Vasilev wrote:

I'm having calcru went backwards issues on a machine with the following

MB: MSI K8D Master-F
2xOpteron 242 2.2Ghz
BIOS - от 2005-та
areca 1120
8 disks
HDD temperature 28-29 for 1st five,  38-39 for the last 3.

bios is as of 2005 - ami bios or something like this.

Initial time counter acpi-fast. changed it to i8245, but without success.
Problem is that I get 10-15 messages, after which machine freezes - and
it's not possible to log in via ssh.
then after some time it looses ping also and it has to be reset.

smart says disks are ok.

Could someone help on this?

Thanks in advance!.

Only two things I can think of are to try the TSC timer as well, but sort of doubt that will change anything. The other is if there is any CPU
frequency speed reduction when idle (PowerNow!) settings in the BIOS try
disabling that functionality. IIRC some of these had the ability for
different cores/cpus to run at slightly different frequencies to reduce
power consumption and this can really confuse the OS.

The "calcru went backwards" message can have two causes:

1) Your time counter really went backwards and is too broken to use.

2) Something caused clock interrupts to be delayed for extremely long periods of time. This happens if you break to DDB for example. It can also happen if there are kernel bugs, maybe in a driver etc. Try to enable additional debugging (WITNESS, INVARIANTS, etc; see the developers handbook) and see where it gets you.

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