VOL2: volume (which is on a RAID5 in the PV220S). I think this is the latest in a long line of problems with the 220S, there's many annoyed users around these parts who have had problems with them).

In short, I can't use Netware to either mount or VRepair the damaged volume, so I have the 4 disk RAID5 set which I can't attach to any other controller (this is the only PERC3/DC I have, which is based on an LSI Logic controller, all the other RAID controllers I have in my Dells are PERC3/Di, which are based on Adaptec controllers and can't recognise the LSI Logic array). I was

you've got the punishment for using expensive proprietary software and hardware instead of cheap open source software without any extra hardware...

hoping that maybe Linux or Unix/BSD would have enough NWFS code to be able to attach the volume directly and treat it as a local filesystem rather than being transported across the network via NCP.

you have to seek for recovery software for netware volume.

if you are sure (or almost) that it's RAID problem i think i can help you but mail priv.
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