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When network are keep growing over time, network services such as dns and
dhcp are playing an important function to any network
administrators/engineers, which for a single downtime, it will cause a chaos
to end users. By having redundancy/fail-over/etc services and proper plans,
these failures will be mitigated and reduced, and off-course, transparent to
end users.

Without proper planning, choosing suitable tools/application, and testing, I
believe that deployment and management of dns and dhcp services will become
headache and a big challenge to network administrators/engineers. So, in
this e-mail, I would like to ask and seek advices on how do you manage these
two services, and from your past experiences, which is the best
free/open-souce tools to manage a big deployment of dns and dhcp services?

>From the google, I found the following options which are promising for above

HostDB: The Best Damn host2DNS/DHCP Script Ever Written



LDAP sdb back-end for BIND 9

Have a nice day!

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