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Hi folks

we have a inside the Lab (Class B Net, eg: several
workstations (eg: in different
Class C Net ( There is a Mail Hub
outside the Class B Net which communicates with the Internet and
the mails sent by the workstations. All workstations have a
"Smarthost" entry in the cf file. Incoming mails are collected by the
mailhub, which
provides IMAP and POP access for all workstations. No mail coming from
the Internet will be delivered directly to the workstations.
works fine, exept one (small) problem. How can I configure the from the local workstations to send the mail addressed to a
workstation (eg. from to directly. Sending it to the mailhub
and then sending
it back to the Intranet is no option due to firewall restrictions.

I apreciate any help, thanks



If I understand your question correctly, you will need to smarthosts, one on the LAN side, and one on the WAN/internet side. You will have to setup the LAN smarthost to forward mail to the WAN smarthost that it cannot deliver. You will have to enable the LAN smarthost and WAN smarthost to be able to pass mail through your firewall. Sendmail uses DNS for most host resolution, so you will need to setup MX records for the various LAN hosts to go to the LAN smarthost.

Hope this helps.


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