On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 06:03:46PM +0200, Rene Ladan wrote:
> Hmm, according to CPU pages the T5600 is 64-bit capable (see
> http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.aspx?catid=29&threadid=2067695&enterthread=y&STARTPAGE=2),
> but according to the 7.0 hardware notes it is not:

> ...
>  * Intel Pentium(R) 4 Processor supporting Intel EM64T ("Prescott").
> This is fabricated on 90nm process technology, uses FC-LGA775 package,
> and operates with 3.20F/3.40F/3.60F GHz and Intel 925X Express
> chipsets. The corresponding S-Spec numbers are SL7L9, SL7L8, SL7LA,
> SL7NZ, SL7PZ, and SL7PX. Note that processors marked as 5xx numbers do
> not support EM64T.
> "
> Yes, there are only two x's in the last sentence.  Does that refer to
> another processor type?

Yes. The T5600 _does_ support x86_64/amd64/EM64T:


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