Steve Franks wrote:
On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 4:56 PM, Kevin Kinsey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Steve Franks wrote:
I must be missing something obvious.  About 25% of my dependencies
fail to install with errors like:

"install-info: /usr/local/info/dir: empty file"
"pkg-add: command 'install-info --quiet /' failed"

system is 7.0/i386

"info" is GNU-related.  Any reason that GNU-stuff, esp.
"info", wouldn't have been installed/built thus far?
(I dunno, but, maybe a csup with the GNU stuff rejected
or commented out ...)

All I did was a "developer" (not x developer) sysinstall off 7.0 disk
1.  No tweaking, hacking, or extra packages until I got a clean boot
onto the new disk.  I'm somewhere between user and power user.  I have
5 running freebsd systems under my belt, and was going to do my laptop
(I've given up on it several times already - bloody compaq).

And anything these ports have in common (assuming they're
all GNU for starters).  They aren't Linuxolator stuff?

Seems to me, they all use gnuinfo instead of manpages?  I don't even
know what gnuinfo is, nor linuxulator.

Right, GNU programs may have manpages, but they also have
"info" pages which were developed by GNU as a replacement
for the UNIX manual (I'm assuming based on past reading ...
memory ain't all it used to be).

"Linuxulator" or however it's spelled is just a colloquialism
for the FreeBSD linux emulation.

I've got few guesses for ya.  "Developer" package has documentation,
correct?  Or not?

What's "ls -ld /usr/local/info" give?

(!) Bison won't even install (makes fine, but install fails), and
that's pretty darn basic, no?


Yup, 'tis.  Tho' I figure someday BSD'ers would like to have
their own implementation.  Again, just a guess.

When all else fails, EAT!!!
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